Mykonos Paradise Cruises

Mykonos Paradise Cruises is the premium choice for those who want the perfect blend of luxury and comfort. We take into account the safety of our clients and make sure that all the yachts, vehicles - aerial, or land that we use is up to the standard.

Private helicopter jets and VIP transfers

We offer a plethora of services. Our private helicopter jets provide the most fascinating aerial views while keeping in mind the safety. We also conduct VIP transfers and ensure that the ride taken with us is as comforting and fulfilling as the final destination for the client.

Luxury Yacht Charter Mykonos

We also provide Yacht Charters. This way you can have a sea adventure without compromising luxury or comfort. We provide you the utmost assurance that your safety is our first priority. The yachts are properly maintained and regularly checked. You can now admire the panoramic beauty of nature without any worry.

Private Cruises Mykonos

Can you imagine sailing in the Aegean Sea for your destination? We promise you an adventure of a lifetime. Our Mykonos Cruises have experienced crews and keep in mind the safety of the clients always. The cruises are maintained according to the latest regulations.

Private Boat Rental Mykonos

Do you want to hire our Mykonos Day Boat Charter? Contact us immediately and book your boats. We guarantee you a memorable experience. You can use these boat charters and travel to places you have never been before, and gather experiences that you wouldn’t forget anytime soon.

Destinations and Luxury Villa

Does the idea of exploring the mysterious Greek islands sound appealing? How about reaching the destination on boats or cruises? Apart from the charm of these islands, the journey itself will take your breath away. You can also customize your tours. All you have to is contact us!

We care about where you stay. Book our luxury villas and experience the state-of-the-art amenities, and admire the picturesque location around.