Ancient Delos & Rineia islands tour

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Ancient Delos & Rineia islands Tour

Our boat embarks on the New port Tourlos or Ornos bay for the Delos Boat Tour. The ancient islands of Delos and Rineia are mainly uninhabited but are greatly popular among tourists. These are protected archeological sites under UNESCO.

Take the aid of a licensed guide and explore the history of Delos island. The architectural remains that you find here will leave you awestruck. It is also believed to be the birthplace of Greek deities Apollo and Artemis. In Rineia Island, visit the Skinos bay. The turquoise water, magnificent rock formations, and beautiful sand beaches will mesmerize you greatly. 



New port Tourlos or Ornos bay is our embarkation point.



Ancient Delos is our first stop. We pass in front of the ancient town, We can have a quick look by the sea or even a licenced guided tour on request.

Delos archeological site is a "must do" in Mykonos island ! the birth place of Apollo (god of the light and the sun) and Artemis (godess of the hunt) .
Greek mythology is always fascinating and our captains always available to gve you the story of the island beggining from 2500 years before up to today !


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South beach of Rhinea, Skinos bay is a quiet, isolated bay with azzure, exotic and warm waters.

Boat tour to remember and then visit Rhinia exotic like . azure water beaches, isolated coves and enjoy your day boat trip like no other!
Combining a bit of history and fun in the sun looks like perfect !