North beaches of Mykonos

Mykonos boat trip Explore the rough part of Mykonos ! Great walls and caves made by the waves of the Aegean sea

North Beaches of Mykonos

While the northern coast of Mykonos is often left unexplored, we promise that it is beauty worth visiting. Upon docking into the Tourlos port in the Mykonos Boat Charter, we start the experience. The sites included in this tour are – Choulakia beach, Faros lighthouse, Agios Sostis, Panormos beach, and Ftelia beach.

Each of the beaches has something unique to offer. The experience of admiring the ethereal beauty of nature from the beaches is simply unparalleled. You can also know more about the local culture from our crew and enhance your knowledge about Greek civilization. The history of the Faros lighthouse is remarkable and is still functional to this day.

Tourlos Port


Welcome on board! New port of Mykonos in Tourlos is our starting point. 

Choulakia beach 

Natural monument of beauty.  A calm beach with natural rock scenery protected by European law.

 Faros (lighthouse)

Armenistis is the local name of the lighthouse. 19 metres high, manufactured in 1891! 
Agios Sostis
agios sostis

Beautiful sandy beach on Panormos Bay with a small taverna. 
Panormos beach 

Big sandy beach on the northern side of Mykonos island. Panormos beach Bar Restaurant with amazing cocktails and sea food even for the most demanding travelers.

Ftelia beach


Ftelia is one of wind- surfers favorite spot. Isolated, very quiet place with big sandy beach. An amazing bar restaurant is located on the left side of the bay.