How does it work?

Easy! Simply select your prefered yacht , give us dates and number of passengers . All available charter yachts within your selections will be emailed to you directly where you will be able to view full vessel details, pictures and pricing at your convenience. You can also contact us via phone call, text message, chat or email if you would like to speak to us directly: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How soon in advance should I reserve my charter yacht?

To give yourself the best options available, we suggest securing your charter yacht 6 months prior to disembarkation however we do have the ability to accommodate most last minute requests.

How do I reserve a charter yacht?

Securing a vessel requires a 50% Deposit of the agreed charter yacht rate in the form of cleared wire transferred funds or secure payment link. All funds For Term Charters must be fulfilled no less than 30 days prior to disembarkation. For Day Charters all funds must be fulfilled prior to disembarkation.

Can I book a half day yacht experience ?

Half day cruise is a last minute sales practice when yachts are not pre booked and free to sail next or same day. If and when you book a half day you will have a 4-5 hours max day cruise in a half itinerary basis and only snacks and beverages included . We strongly recommend that you choose a smaller yacht for a full day so you can enjoy a full experience of what we offer. Best time to book is always an early bird with full discounted rate.

What costs should I expect ?

The ebrochures that you receive from your selection will be accompanied with an official market value rate and any early booking discounts valid at the time of your booking , displayed within the content to give you a general idea the cost of your charter yacht. There are 2 pricing structures with charter yachts “All-Inclusive” or “Cost Plus Expenses” it is a good idea to inquire within to confirm. Most charter yacht “Plus Expenses” should expect the following: Total Cost of the Charter Yacht & Crew + Advance Provision Allowance (A.P.A.) + VAT (Value Added Tax) “based on duration - day or multi day trip”
Gratuity is NOT included in the cost of your charter yacht and A.P.A. Generally the gratuity is suggested 10% – 20% of the charter yacht rate however this is completely at your discretion in respect to your level of satisfaction with the overall experience.

What is Advance Provision Allowance (A.P.A.) and how is it calculated?

Advance Provision Allowance or (A.P.A.) acts as a retainer for operating expenses and provisions such as food, beverage, fuel, port fees, dockage and any special requests. Normally this rate is between 25% – 30% of the charter yacht rate depending on destination and requested inventories. All A.P.A. expenses will be accounted for and documented which will be available for the charterer to review with any remaining A.P.A. funds reimbursed to the charterer. Any balance owed to the charter yacht must be paid in full at to final disembarkation.

Can I purchase a charter yacht from Mýkonos Paradise Cruises ?

Yes Absolutely! We have great relationships with many yacht owners and managers that contact us directly to let us know their yacht and charter business is up for sale both on and off the market. Some owners will even offer a complementary charter for serious buyers interested in taking over their yacht and already established charter book of business.

Please contact us for details and inventory: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.